Find out what happens when an ex-porn star and America’s virgin crash into each other….

Landon Wilde—an ex-porn star turned race car driver—spends day after day driving at breakneck speeds, determined to outrace his broken heart.

Georgiana Rutledge—the daughter of the country’s most famous female televangelist—finds herself in a crisis of faith and trying to outrun the religious hypocrisy surrounding her daily life.

When these polar opposite’s lives crash together, unexpected sparks fly. As they nurse their battered hearts, they seek comfort in each other, and a heady, and forbidden romance blooms.

Can Landon and Georgie help each other mend their emotional wounds, or will those motivated by greed and self-interest prevent them from crossing the finish line and taking the checkered flag?

Preorder this racy sports romance and fall in love with Landon and Georgie today. HEA guaranteed.

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